all free internet 2022 free net 2022 free internet 2022 free data offer

all free internet 2022 free net 2022 free internet 2022 free data offer

Today we will show you how to use the internet for free using your smartphone. To use the internet for free, today we will suggest you a VPN that you can download VPN and do some settings but you can use the internet for free. However, you will not be able to use the Internet, so you must be connected to our Telegram channel, you can download this app from here and run the Internet for free.



We have downloaded that. You can see that there are various downloads. Now we will make some settings. We have opened it. If you open it, you will be like this. We have to do this. We have disconnected. Connecting. You will be able to move from here to here. You may be able to use it for free. You have to select it for free Facebook and the room at the top is this server, you must select server3.




Then you can use 1 to 5 you can use internet for free from here you will delete from here because the speed on the server is quite good. Let’s see if there is any internet in my phone. Let’s go to YouTube. But YouTube is loading. Twelve kilos is going up. You can see YouTube but it is not working anymore. There is the desired application in that application you can see here but you are coming again and again now we are going to connect this application and the authorization and VPN connected text is coming up but now we are going directly to YouTube what is it?




If we go to youtube now you will understand that my phone is yours but the internet is running for free but we are going now if we go down but one by one you will notice that if you look up you will understand how you want but better you can see upstairs Speedo is doing shows and screening me at the bottom. The videos from different channels are coming, so if you want, you can use the internet for free with your phone. If you have benefited from the video, you will not get it. OK, so of course not from the telegram channel





Download Now all we have to do is we will show the first year, so let’s go, since we will run the internet with Banglalink SIM, in that case we will see if there is any kind of money in our SIM, we have seen that there is no money here, now we will see that If our YouTube is running then you can understand if we have any kind of MB you can also understand it is easy then let’s go we have YouTube application from here it will be gone but youtube is not there but it means I don’t have any type of MBO Yes, now we are basically setting up, we are running this free internet, we will show you all the options that we have, there will be net connection, OK, you can see the net connection, here it is now.





We will run the internet, it will be Nelpaint, we will set it up now, so let’s open it. After opening it, this type of option will come up. You can see it here, but the server will be written. If you don’t get it from here then Singapore has diesel nowadays according to the region of Bangladesh you have it from here you are Grameenphone Unlimited or being Grameenphone here you see that there is video pack in the village Bangladesh Airtel Unlimited is Grameen Phone you can run internet through new option here Before clicking you need to make some more settings which is that after you exit here you have to go to network from here.






After going to the connection and mobile network, you must go to the SIM with which you are running the net. After you go, you have to go from here. You will go out a little. From here we have to click on the plus sign. Here we are. Later we have but before the settings are complete so now we just have to open it OK then we have it






This is Mr. Saina Saina, I’ll fix it, or you’ll have to spend some time here, we’ll be connected here, OK, now we’ll get out of here But you see that we are being told that now we will open here and see if our youtube is running but you can see where but our youtube has started to run even though you have flop from your wifi connection but your youtube will go pretty well this way basically You can run free internet with your tunnel VPN. Thank you all. You have to wait till Assalamu Alaikum. When you download it, you must download it from under WiFi connection or you will have net on your phone, then you can have net on your phone later. No, you can see that this SIM is here, but you are free for 30 minutes






The service will be completely free. Stay connected for 30 minutes. I still have here but I have WiFi connection. I am just showing you the setting. Click here. You can select any country. You think you can try it. A lot of times you will try and see that I left it in your ears but you can see here but I have the net OK I mean I have turned off the WiFi connection but I have turned on OK now I will show you using the net but I will get out of the WiFi Now I will show you using the net. Now I run it on YouTube.





After you go you can see youtube loading loading but you can see the music video is going on. If you like the video you must subscribe to the channel and many thanks to those who have already done it. Assalamu Alaikum Assalamu Alaikum. We’re going to go to the main lyrics that we have now. We have to go. We have to go to the principal VPN. We’re not going to go back. I am clearing the cache, now I will open this phone, it will come here after opening, so you have to click here, after clicking on any one of them, but it will try to connect you automatically, will you turn it off? You have to make a proxy setting from here






You have to click here, then click on connector nhtt, then click here, custom http, then click on it, after clicking on it, I will give this link, this link is the most important, you will type the link if you notice Kiss then type what i am typing ok if you want you can change the next server region which is the server of your choice you can select that the country is basically the highest internet speed is also available since Here you can select Singapore, here I have selected Singapore, I have done OK, and here I have clicked on start, it takes the longest time after clicking, so you can see that I am already connected, many of them have network problems.






The reason is that it may not be money because of the wrong setting. Another thing I am clearing is that even if you do not have money or MB but you can use the internet for free through it but if you keep money by mistake then the money will be deducted. As I said before, OK, since we have a tunnel connected here, now if we go to YouTube, we will go to YouTube and see if our internet is working. OK. But I played it, you can see after playing




The video is coming one by one and the video is also going very well but hopefully you understand how to run unlimited free internet using pc phone. If you have benefited from the video then you must subscribe to the channel and many thanks to those who have already done it. Assalamu Alaikum


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